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Almas Caspian, a leading trade and business consultancy based in Tehran, Iran. With expertise in export, import, and overall business solutions, we are your trusted partner for navigating the global market. Our extensive network and deep industry knowledge allow us to provide tailored strategies and seamless execution, ensuring your business thrives in today's competitive landscape. Whether you are a small startup or an established enterprise, Almas Caspian is committed to delivering exceptional results and unlocking new opportunities for your success.

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Supplier Sourcing & Evaluation​

We assist you in sourcing reliable and high-quality suppliers from foreign countries.

Almas Caspian Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chain

We help optimizing your logistics and supplychain management.

Almas Caspian Negotation

Negotiation Assistance

We assist you in negotiating favorable terms and conditions with foreign suppliers.

Cultural Training

We offer effective communication strategies to help you better collaborate with foreign partners.

Almas Caspian regulation and law consultation

Regulation & laws consultation

We offer guidance on navigating the complex web of import regulations, customs procedures, and trade laws.

Dispute Resolution

We offer guidance on navigating the complex web of import regulations, customs procedures, and trade laws

What we offer

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Our roadmap


Product Selection

We research & select the suppliers, producers & manufacturers who can provide the product you want to import.


Legal Compliance

Ensure complying with import regulations, verify the specific requirements  & obtain any necessary licenses.


Supplier Negotiations

Evaluate suppliers based on price, quality, & reliability, Negotiate terms & conditions and Draft a formal contract.


Logistics & Customs

Arrange transportation and logistics, Submit the necessary customs documentation and Pay import duties.

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Mr. Keshavarzzadeh

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Ms. Mirlohi

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